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°red sun fx pedals are handmade in germany as one-offs or as small batches.
high quality is my standard.
email me for any questions or have a look at .

brand names of other manufacturers are only stated as a reference to describe the sound of the effect. °red sun fx is not affiliated with these companies or brands.

°red sun fx carry a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.
this does not cover defects caused by wear of parts or misuse.

the pedal must be returned within 10 days of the sale at the buyer's expense with all packaging and in immaculate as new condition.
a copy of your receipt must accompany your return.
contact me first before returning anything to get further instructions.

send pedals to:
nicolas hemmelmann
volkartstraße 66
80636 münchen
e-mail: nico [at]

personalized or custom pedals can not be returned.

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